About us

Be the Fox was founded by Diana Ellis-Hill and Megan D Price in 2013. They met working on the BAFTA award-winning Horizon series at the BBC which, after ten years producing and directing in the documentary department, gave them the production and storytelling craft skills to create the standout brand content they make today.

Be The Fox is a team of award-winning directors, producers, DOPs, editors, and animators who share a single ambition: to use their experience and craft to deliver beautiful, funny, engaging, enlightening, moving stories for brands to engage their audiences. Working in social content, film and TV, across all genres including drama, documentary, comedy, food, tech and automotive, we are at home with nimble run-and-gun filming as we are large scale complex productions. When you need an expert in many things, trust the fox. MEET THE FOXES

What do we do?

We produce high quality, considered content that helps brands remain culturally relevant. We tell stories that unlock emotions and create a connection with audiences. We create memorable films that deliver tangible results.

We friendly foxes harbour many talents, and at Be The Fox, we’ve a track-record for being as professional and reliable as we are creative and collaborative. We try always to over deliver against our clients' expectations. VIEW OUR SERVICES

Brands that we've worked with