University of Sussex

This Is Why

University of Sussex - This Is Why

Client: University of Sussex
Director: Laura Richards
Deliverables: 6 x 60" Individual Student Films And 1 x 90" Hero Film


South Asia represents a significant market for international student recruitment for the University of Sussex. The aim is to showcase current satisfied students from that particular region and their reasons why they chose to study at the University of Sussex.


Using a contemporary, eye-catching style we produced one 90" Hero and six 60" student interview films, promoting the advantages of studying at the University of Sussex to International students in South Asia. We showcased a handful of students who had a fantastic range of personalities and academic experiences.

Having shot the interviews using a multi-cam setup, we were able to inject real dynamism into the edit, including a fun ‘behind the scenes angle’ to encapsulate the filming day’s natural energy, as well as fun portraiture pickups 

To give the films identity, the interviews were shot against an on-brand Colorama background, making the interviews look slick and keep the focus on the students. Cutting in UGC footage from the students we were able to showcase their everyday life and display a much more authentic experience through their own eyes.

This Is Why Hero Film