Piccadilly Portraits

Samsung - Piccadilly Portraits

Client: Samsung
Agency: Cheil UK
Director: Diana Ellis-Hill
Deliverables: 2 event films

THE ASK: The Piccadilly screens make up one of London’s most iconic landmarks and Samsung owns one of them. For one day only they gave their screen to 8 experienced street artists to take portraits and exhibit them in bright lights... with one catch: all their creations had to be made on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Our job was to help plan the day and capture it on film to tell the story.

THE ANSWER: From tech training day to the live event, we captured the journey of these 8 artists taking tech into their hand drawn world. We captured insightful interviews to give the film a human and truly authentic feel transcending the product demo to something more real and affecting. 

Samsung Piccadilly Portraits Event

How To Paint Portraits Without A Paintbrush

Meet The Artists - Comic Book Artist Lee

Meet The Artist - Portrait Painter Galina

Meet The Artist - Portrait Artist Guido

Meet The Artists - Caricaturist David

Meet The Artists - Manga Artist Chie

Meet The Artists - Cartoonist Russell

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