Mum & You

By Mums For Mums

Mum & You - By Mums For Mums

Client: Mum & You
Agency: Mo Film
Director: Joe Tunmer
Deliverables: 2 x 1′

Parenthood isn’t quite what you were expecting when you set out on this journey.

Mum & You was a new brand so wanted to create content to show that they understand what it’s really like to be a mum.

It was very important that the films were in no way self-deferential; instead knowing and warm. So we created pieces that were about being in on the joke, interviewing real mums who revealed the crucial bits and bobs that they always keep at hand so that they can make the most of the wild and wonderful early years.

The humour comes from how they imagined motherhood to be and how it’s turned out. We decided to accentuate this by using the art of knolling. These beautiful snapshots aren’t very realistic if you have a small tornado of a child in your life. However they can change into something else and still be beautiful and perfect.

The films are realistic, funny (because they’re true) and shareable.