Mum & You

By Mums For Mums

Mum & You - By Mums For Mums

Client: Mum & You
Agency: MOFILM
Director: Joe Tunmer
Deliverables: 2 online brand films

THE ASK: Mum & You is a new brand wanting to create content that shows how they understand what it’s really like to be a mum.

THE ANSWER: We made warm, fun films with real mums at their heart, interviewing women about the crucial bits and bobs that they always keep at hand so that they can make the most of the wild and wonderful early years of parenthood.

There is knowing and relatable humour in the difference between how these women imagined motherhood to be, and how it is in reality. To bring this to life we used a playful technique called 'knolling' - laying items out in an aesthetically pleasing and amusing way. The result: warm and beautiful films with insights that resonate with all mums, showcasing how Mum & You products make life a little bit easier for new parents.