Hertility Health

Ooh, Someone's Hormonal...

Hertility Health - Ooh, Someone's Hormonal...

Client: Hertility Health
Director: Liz Unna
Deliverables: 1x Hero Film + 4 social cut downs


Hertility wanted to spotlight the gender bias in healthcare and create a rallying call to women to take their hormones into their own hands. They wanted a film to bring alive their brand vision and kickstart a movement. A movement of women owning their own bodies, having confidence in their decisions and asking for what they deserve. Powered by science.
Female-led, Hertility was set up to empower all women to have control over their healthcare. As scientists, the founders knew the importance of facts for making good decisions. But when it comes to female healthcare and reliable information, well... even NASA sent the first woman into space with 100 tampons for a 6 day journey. Laugh, but the gender health gap is huge. Hertility want to close it.
The discrepancy is often underpinned by a misunderstanding of hormones. Women’s hormones are commonly seen as too complex and ‘mysterious’ to investigate. 

Our Approach

We created 'Ooh...Someone's hormonal' which spotlights the gender bias in healthcare and whistleblows society for using a woman’s hormones against her.
A narrative movement piece where the women featured represent at once both the universal experience of being a women and the very different experiences of individuals. Opening with a goddess-like, revered woman on a pedestal, evolving into the perceived 'messy' and 'complex' nature of women's hormones. Before calling it out as BS and instead re-claiming being hormonal as a positive and essential part of human experience. One that simply needs to be studied properly to close the gender health gap.
The film was set in a domestic location, to highlight the thoughts, feelings and frustrations women have daily, in the places they carry out their lives. The costume was stripped back to match brand colours and show their bodies in their varied forms.
The film was concepted, written, produced, post produced and launched within an incredibly short timescale of just 7 weeks, to be able to be launched at the same time as the brand's separate Out Of Home campaign.

The hero film was launched simultaneously on the brand's YouTube and Instagram with no paid media on the hero film, so all views have been organically gained. We also made a total of 29 social cutdowns for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.


Instagram (organic)

Launch post
On Tuesday 5th April, the film was launched on Instagram. Within a week it received 25k organic views.
The engagement rate reached 12%, well above industry averages! We reached 95k impressions (>2000% above Hertility’s post average) and the reach was 85k (again >2000% above their post average)

On-going campaign:
Including pre-launch teaser posts, the organic social campaign lasted one week, from Monday 4th - 10th April. During this period they saw the following:
660k impressions
76k reach
8% growth rate in followers

LinkedIn (organic)
All daily rates:
Unique impressions increased by 850%
Clicks increased by 2,052%
Reactions increased by 1,400%
Comments increased by 3,600%
Shares increased by 2,300%

YouTube (organic)
6.3k video views in the first week (4,100% increase on video average for Hertility).

Paid social media
We ran a brand advertising campaign with our films across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, using 18 clip variations. For the first two weeks of launching the campaign achieved 754k unique reach.

Hertility sales
Their hormone and fertility test kit sales doubled overnight, and they’re continuing to see an uplift in sales.

Hertility Health Hero Film