Electric Adventures

EDF - Electric Adventures

Client: EDF
Agency: Brilliant Noise
Director: Diana Ellis Hill & Chris Lawson
Deliverables: 6 x 8 minute films plus social cutdowns
Awards: Drum Digital Advertising Award Finalist, Influencer Marketing Awards Finalist, DMA Finalist, Online Influence Award Finalist & 2 DADI Awards Nominations

Electric Adventures is an influencer-led five-part film series featuring some of the UK’s favourite digital influencers like Jim Chapman, Colin Furze, Mother Pukka and The Michalaks which raises awareness of EDF's new EV proposition through compelling storytelling.

Each episode features a classic British road trip – with a twist - and tackles common misconceptions around the EV marketplace such as a lack of charging stations, the mileage behind a single charge and costs. Working with creative agency Brilliant Noise, we gave each influencer an electric car and filmed their adventure – challenging the influencers to push electric cars to the limits and busting the myths along the way. The episodes strike a careful balance between the influencers entertaining personality and practical advice. For example, Colin Furze showcased the power of modern batteries in a unique way directly related to his expertise as an inventor. 

To support each episode, we also produced shorter social edits for EDF's social channels, all driving back to the main films.

The latest episode in the series, Fission Impossible, which sees Dr Alex and Wes Nelson from Love Island challenged to find out about the power of nuclear energy, has been the most popular yet with over 800K views!

In total, the series has been viewed by nearly 2 million people in the UK, with an average watch time of 3 minute 40 seconds (733% over the target set!) and the campaign has also been nominated for multiple awards including a Drum Digital Advertising Award, DMA Award, Influencer Marketing Award, Online Influence Award and two DADI Awards.

Episode 6 - Fission Impossible

Social Cutdowns of Episode 6

Episode 5 - New Heights

Social Cutdowns of Episode 5

Episode 4 - Who's In Charge

Social Cutdowns of Episode 4

Episode 3 - Wave of Change

Social Cutdowns of Episode 3

Episode 2 - Hack To The Future

Social cutdowns of Episode 2

Episode 1 - Just for the Halibut

Social cutdowns of Episode 1

Series Trailer