EDF Energy

Electric Adventures

EDF Energy - Electric Adventures

Client: EDF Energy
Agency: Brilliant Noise
Director: Diana Ellis Hill & Chris Lawson
Deliverables: 5 x 8 minute films plus social cutdowns

EDF Energy is now leading the way in electric vehicles, powered by their low carbon energy. So they created Electric Adventures – an epic road trip series across the UK celebrating the positivity of an electric future and busting a myth or two about how complicated electric cars have to be. Be The Fox produced each episode in the series for creative agency, Brilliant Noise, which are being released on EDF Energy’s digital channels over the summer. 

Five episodes. Five electric vehicles. Five sets of influencers. From Land’s End to Edinburgh, the Electric Adventures film series captures the real life adventures of the influencers and tests the possibility of what’s possible in an electric vehicle.

In the first episode – Just for the halibut – family influencers, the Michalaks, are challenged to a family road trip to Cornwall in a Tesla S100D. Our film follows their epic journey, and reveals what twists and turns can happen when you travel from Bath all the way to Land’s End in an electric car.

In the second instalment – Hack to the future - YouTuber and inventor Colin Furze travels to one of the biggest battery storage units in Europe in an electric van to test the limits of battery power.

In Wave of change - the third episode - Yaya & Lloyd in a Nissan Leaf take on Jim Chapman in a Jaguar-e to conquer their deepest fears. 

Watch this space for the next episodes in the series!

Episode 1 - Just for the Halibut

Social cutdowns of Episode 1

Episode 2 - Hack To The Future

Social cutdowns of Episode 2

Episode 3 - Wave of Change

Social Cutdowns of Episode 3