Ecover - #Refillution

Client: Ecover
Director: Joe Large and Megan Price
Deliverables: Unification of the European social strategy in a playbook and toolkit and supported with 24 pieces of original content and templates for all markets to use, we set a leading standard for internal re-use

The challenge
Ecover, the manufacturer of ecologically sound cleaning products owned by SC Johnson, asked us to collaborate on the unification of their European social strategy. With the aim to raise brand awareness, drive sales and change consumer behaviour for a cleaner future across the UK and the continent. The campaign needed to focus on their newly launched ‘concentrates’ range, including washing up liquids, laundry detergent, conditioners and more.

Our approach
We created a community focused social campaign across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Pinterest. Working in tandem with independent agencies Social for Good on social strategy and Studio Chong for branding, we oversaw the creative and content creation, leaving Ecover with a long-term playbook and toolkit with which to work from internally. The campaign unifies Ecover’s social strategy and content across markets, to engage and teach consumers how to contribute to a cleaner future for the planet. 

United by the hashtag #refillution our toolkit provided clear messaging based on 3 pillars of ‘Product’, ‘Action’ and ‘Inside Ecover’ with attention grabbing and conversational strands such as ‘packaging porn’, ‘Eco-pinion’ and ‘refill for life’. We produced both original content and templates for all markets to use, setting a leading standard for internal re-use. Part of this work was ensuring we were creating assets that internal teams had the facilities to replicate. This work needed to be genuinely useful, not a vanity project. 

The results
Ricardo Verboom, Ecover’s EU Head of Digital commented “Be The Fox got the brief from the get go and are a fun, friendly and creative bunch whose thumb stopping social creative work step changed how Ecover appears on social media, truly bringing the brand’s pan-European social strategy to life.”


Packaging Porn