Parents, you've got this

Danone - Parents, you've got this

Client: Danone
Agency: Mofilm
Director: Diana Ellis-Hill
Deliverables: 4 x social films

THE ASK: Provide support and encouragement to parents around the world in lockdown to help them get through this challenging period. 

THE ANSWER: Four authentic films that reflected situations parents may find themselves in during lockdown with their kids and offering up tips and inspiration.

To overcome the challenge of lockdown and remote working, we tapped into our parent filmmaker network to self-shoot the films in their homes, using themselves and their families as the talent. The films were based around four key themes - ‘Bring the Outside In’, ‘Seek Out Silver Linings’, ‘Stay Connected’ and ‘Bond with Co-workers’ - and were given a purposeful UGC feel. 

For a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how we made these films remotely during lockdown using our parent filmmaker network, take a read of our blog post here.

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