California Almonds

Super Snack Drawers

California Almonds - Super Snack Drawers

Client: California Almonds
Agency: Hiive
Director: Louis Norton Selzer
Deliverables: 1 x 90′ and 4 x 30′ (square)

Bringing snack inspiration to an office near you.

California almonds are a natural, wholesome and nutrient-rich food – high in vitamin E, magnesium and protein, they’re good for your skin, your hair, perfect to tide you over and even reduce tiredness. Why aren’t they the go-to snack?!

The Almond Board of California wanted to inject some fun and zaniness into their product so we created the Super Snack Drawers and offered the public the chance to win a visit from the drawers to their office. The competition provided the perfect opportunity to show off everything the almond has to offer in both an informative and fun way. 

There was a lot to do in a 90 second film, so emulating the drawer effect in sliding screens allowed us to show off the goods as well as the prize. It was crucial that whilst the informative story was high energy, the almonds had the lush delicious feel all food brands are after.

Alongside the main film we created four short social recipes (found in the drawers). Bright stop-frame squares injected a sense of fresh and youthful humour and drove new audiences to California Almonds.

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