California Almonds

Super Snack Drawers

California Almonds - Super Snack Drawers

Client: Almond Board of California
Agency: Hive
Director: Louis Norton Selzer
Deliverables: Hero film and a series of squares for Instagram and Facebook

THE ASK: Inject some fun and zaniness into almonds by joining forces with renowned food innovators The Robin Collective, to make content that tells people why wholesome and nutritious Californian almonds should be their go-to snack. 

THE ANSWER: A slick 90" film with sliding split screens to emulate an online contest where winners received a visit from the Super Snack Drawers. Who wouldn't want a visit from the Super Snack Drawers? We produced a high energy narrative with especially considered food styling and careful art direction, to make sure Californian Almonds looked as lush and delicious on camera as they do in real life.

Alongside the main film, we created four short social recipes (found in the drawers). Bright stop-frame squares brought a sense of fresh and youthful humour and drove new audiences to California Almonds.

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