Bulldog Skincare

Sustainability Story

Bulldog Skincare - Sustainability Story

Client: Bulldog Skincare
Director: Megan Price
Deliverables: 80" Animation

THE ASK: Bulldog Skincare is a brand that pushes boundaries to help men look and feel their best. It continually challenges the male skincare category with its sector-leading approach to sustainability, which sees it on an ongoing journey to find new and innovative ways to make its products and packaging. 

However, with so many sustainability initiatives, Bulldog was struggling to articulate its unifying sustainability story and communicate that in a way that would resonate with all its audiences. 

Be The Fox was tasked with developing Bulldog’s sustainability manifesto and its creative expression and bringing it to life through a unique and compelling film.


THE ANSWER: We developed the manifesto called “We Make Better Choices So You Can Too” which encapsulated the thought and nuance that goes into all Bulldog’s products and manufacturing choices, and the brand’s long-term commitment to finding new ways to make their products and packaging kinder to the planet. 

Additional strategic and creative work included developing a visual statement of Bulldog’s manifesto as well as a strategic messaging framework and new visual identity and communication style for all the brand’s sustainability communications. 

We then brought the manifesto to life through a unique and compelling animation. Based on the insight that sustainability is complicated and that trying to do the right thing can be overwhelming for people, the creative idea was to show Bulldog’s understanding of the dilemmas facing modern men in a way that was sensitive and relevant to their wide range of consumers.

A tactile animation set to a poem performed by the spoken word artist, Isi Aboela, was used to create an intimate atmosphere whilst talking about a big subject. The stylised animation helps to move men from a state of confusion about the right choices to make, to optimism as it’s revealed that Bulldog has already done the hard thinking and made the better choices.

The 80-second hero animation was launched across Bulldog’s digital and social channels. 

Sian Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager of Bulldog Skincare says: 

‘We Make Better Choices So You Can Too’ really encapsulates Bulldog’s commitment to improving our sustainability - something that sets us apart from other brands in the male skincare category. We love the way that Be The Fox’s manifesto animation so succinctly explains the involved decision-making we as a brand do when developing all our products, and their strategic work now guides all communications about our sector-leading sustainability initiatives.’  

We Make Better Choices So You Can Too

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