Bulldog Skincare


Bulldog Skincare - Discovery

Client: Bulldog Skincare
Director: Guy Paterson

Bulldog, the experts in men’s skincare, launched a humorous new global campaign that aims to subvert the standard male grooming category clichés. Rooted in “Discovery” through friends, the campaign, encourages men to care for their skin by dramatising the moment they come across new products in a mate’s bathroom - with a surprise ending.

The campaign cuts through by avoiding complex skincare jargon and male marketing cliches, all with the help of their brand ambassador - a straight-talking telepathic bulldog. With a ban on shirtless models, delicate face splashes, and ‘science bit’ tropes, the two 20-second spots portray an alternative and perhaps truer reflection of men and what lives in their bathroom cabinets.

The films showcase witty moments when men try out Bulldog's products for the first time, discovering what works best for them without any hard-sell tactics. The first film entertains with a fun demo at a house party, showing how simple it is to protect and hydrate the skin using Bulldog Original Moisturiser. The second cheekily plays on how hard it is for the leading man to put down the Bulldog Bamboo Razor because of how beautifully crafted it feels in his hand. In both ads, the telepathic bulldog takes on the adviser role, encouraging the men to choose quality products that look after their skin.

The campaign will initially go live across the UK on VOD, OOH, and digital platforms, before launching in multiple markets across Europe and North America.