Honda Racing F1/Channel 4

Sunday Brunch

Honda Racing F1/Channel 4 - Sunday Brunch

Client: Honda Racing F1/Channel 4
Agency: LBi
Director: Diana Ellis-Hill
Deliverables: 7′ slot

Greg Foot and Jimmy De Ville captivated Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch audience with the explosive science of Formula 1.

Honda Racing F1 wanted to attract a new audience to the sport. We’d already teamed them up with presenters Greg Foot and Jimmy De Ville to create a series of online films explaining the incredible engineering breakthroughs that make Honda F1 engines tick. Explosive (literally) and full of wowing facts, it seemed perfect material to be shared with a television audience.

Given that Channel 4 broadcasts Formula 1, it was the obvious place to host some Honda Lab material. We spoke to our television contacts, and voilà – Greg and Jimmy were being interviewed by Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer, and a cut down of the most exciting bits from the online series was played to show off the Honda F1 engine in a fun and engaging way. Honda Racing F1 was incredibly pleased with this exceptional interaction with an entirely different audience.