About us

Be the Fox was founded by Diana Ellis-Hill and Megan D Price in 2013. They met working on the BAFTA award-winning Horizon series at the BBC which, after ten years producing and directing in the documentary department, gave them the deep editorial and storytelling craft skills to create the standout brand content they make today. 

Be The Fox is a family of award-winning directors, producers, DOPs, editors and animators who share a single ambition: to use their experience and craft to deliver authentic and compelling stories for brands to engage their audiences. Working in social content, digital and TVCs and across all genres, we foxes are at home with nimble run-and-gun filming as we are large scale complex productions. 

With diversity, equality and inclusion at the heart of Be The Fox, we are continually cultivating a progressive culture where different perspectives and ideas are valued. We're proud to have a 50:50 gender split across the directors we work with and are strong in our conviction to have a gender-balanced crew on our productions. 


What's in the name?

Ever heard the one about a fox and a hedgehog? Ah, it’s a good one. It’s an animal fable from Greek philosophy, and we live by it in both our name and our nature.

“The fox knows many things; the hedgehog knows just one.”

Be The Fox means to be quick and nimble, slick and adaptable, clever, creative, and curious about the world. An expert in many skills, the fox is a ninja of the animal world, bravely navigating changing circumstances with a keen eye for detail and a sense of fun. As a production company, it means we are fast and thoughtful, driven by many different perspectives not just a single answer, and able to adapt to new technology, techniques, and social platforms. We pool our boundless expertise, experience, and energy to find the best and most compelling creative solutions for our clients.

Take a look around the den to find out more about our troop of foxes.


Brands we've worked with